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The Full Story


Eric and the Claptones was formed in 2013 

Chris Sorensen asked the very best musicians he knew at that time to create this project.

They all said "yes" and the hard work began.

Sell out concerts and film showcases followed. 

A few years on, the band has changed, but the ideal remains.

Be the best we can. 

Eric & The Claptones SCREEN-71.jpg

Our Music

This band has chemistry, an ability to listen and play , to take Clapton songs , reproduce and arrange them to create the energy, soul and atmosphere.

Its a show featuring the well known songs, a journey through the years of a great musician .

The powerhouse of Geoff Tanner, Drums, and Dunstan Rickard, Bass, create a firm bedrock on which Jeff Rae shimmering keyboard solos and Chris Sorensen sparkling guitar lines all compliment the vocals of Chris (as Eric) with rich harmonies from Ally and Lou to create the mood, energy, emotion, blues and soul of Eric Claptons music 

A hugely enjoyable tribute to a great man. 


" I am a believer that music sends a message, allows us to connect and marks a moment in time. Eric Clapton's music does that for me. Such a fantastic body of work and all of it recognising the journey of where it all comes from - the blues.”

Chris Sorensen (Eric)

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