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Eric & The Claptones SCREEN-6.jpg

Chris Sorensen

I was 14,staying with my brother at University ,he had lectures ,as he left he said “There’s the records see you later”

I was there for a week I only listened to Cream Wheels on Fire.

A bit down the road I was a punk ,not a very good one. I went backwards after that , the blues, soul, country , the very same influences I heard in 461 Ocean Boulevard , Layla , Slowhand and 24 Nights.

I’m very lucky ,I have worked in bands for 40 years ,my family , friends ,musicians , have always helped , writing , playing , cheering me on.


I needed the challenge to do Eric and the Claptones to celebrate such a fantastic body of work.

It’s so enjoyable.

It needs chemistry in a band to do a tribute to a great man, its a great band.

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